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About Enriched Life Therapies

Enriched Life Therapies is located in Woonona in the northern beaches of Wollongong NSW just one hour south of Sydney, Australia. Through Enriched Life Therapies, Lynda Rich is dedicated to providing healing treatments informed by research, with a gentle and compassionate touch.

Lynda is a Level 3 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Holistic Counsellor and Psychotherapist.

Lynda has integrated a lifelong interest in metaphysics, quantum physics, parapsychology, psychology, near death experiences, and spiritually transformative experiences into her QHHT past life regression therapy practice.

Lynda’s impressive qualifications include:

  • Level 3 QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) Practitioner, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy
  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP, Clover Institute
  • Holistic Counsellor & Psychotherapist (Postgraduate Training), Metavision Institute
  • Postgraduate Diploma (Business & Marketing), Macquarie Graduate School of Management
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) – Macquarie University

She’s also a member of the following:

  • PACFA – Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia
  • AHA – Australian Hypnotherapy Association
  • IANDS – International Association for Near Death Studies (Professional Member)
  • ACISTE – American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences

Enriched Life Therapies Passion and Purpose

Lynda has one passion: to help provide guidance and healing to people in need so that they can truly fulfill their life’s purpose. If there were one word to describe Lynda it would be compassionate.

Lynda is thoroughly dedicated to helping others make profound changes in their lives to help them live the life they deserve in their optimal state of health and happiness.

Her never-ending thirst for knowledge on how the Universe works, is a trait she shares with the brilliant and wonderful, Dolores Cannon, founder of QHHT (pictured here with Dolores’s daughter Julia Cannon in September 2019).

Getting to Know The Woman Behind the Purpose and How Hypnotherapy Chose Her

Lynda Rich was born in Wollongong (pronounced: Wool-on-gong) Australia and spent her early childhood at the foot of Mount Keira where she liked to climb the mountain and hang out at the waterfalls in the rainforest or play in the creek watching frogs and tadpoles with the other neighbourhood children.

She moved to Sydney with her parents and older sister to start high school and lived in Sydney’s Hills District for over 35 years.  Lynda was called back to her hometown of Wollongong in 2016 on its beautiful northern beaches with just a short walk to the beach to watch the waves and migrating humpback whales when in season.

Lynda loves animals and has always had cats, dogs, and fish as pets throughout her life and spent a brief few years in rescue, helping to socialise and re-home abandoned cats.

Lynda has been interested in the paranormal, psi phenomena, parapsychology, mediums, comparative religion and metaphysics since her early childhood and has more recently developed an interest in quantum physics and its implications for healing.

Lynda studied Psychology at University and towards the end of her undergraduate degree, she worked as a Social Educator assisting severely intellectually disabled women live and thrive in independent living after a lifetime in an institution.

After graduation, she worked as a Rehabilitation Counsellor assisting injured workers to recover and find new more suitable employment, but it wasn’t the sort of compassionate counselling she was hoping for, so she left and entered a 20+ year career in marketing and business. She never left her interest in the metaphysical behind though and it remained a keen interest throughout her time in the corporate world.

Lynda commenced her Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy postgraduate training in 2018, which involved studies in the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, transpersonal counselling for the body soul and spirit, Process Oriented Psychology (Process Work) and the use of quantum physics in the therapeutic relationship. Her studies culminated in a research project where she correlated her findings in QHHT Past Life Regression sessions with research into Near Death Experiences and ‘ The Art of Dying’ research by Peter Fenwick into the spiritual experiences of near death hospice patients.

It was in 2018 while studying Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy that Lynda discovered the work of Dolores Cannon who developed QHHT hypnosis for past life regression and to contact a person’s Higher Consciousness to gain answers about the person’s current life and provide physical quantum healing. Lynda commenced training to become a QHHT Practitioner in 2018 and gained accreditation as a Level 2 QHHT Practitioner in 2019 and a Level 3 QHHT Practitioner in January 2023.

Even though Dolores passed to the other side in October 2014, she still communicates to her Practitioners via QHHT sessions and it is believed that she still selects those she wants to do this work. Dolores’ daughter Julia Cannon now carries on her mother’s legacy, training QHHT Practitioners with her own experience and knowledge and using video recordings of Dolores performing her training.

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