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QHHT Stories

A Soul Trapped on Titanic – a QHHT Session Story

Clients come to me for a QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) session for many reasons. One client had regularly been experiencing becoming extremely cold, “chilled to the bone”, for no logical reason. This had occurred for many years. When she was under QHHT hypnosis, I asked her Higher Consciousness why this was happening and it told me it was because a part of her soul was still down on the Titanic!
When we experience extreme trauma, our souls can fragment. Retrieving these parts and re-integrating them is known as Soul Retrieval Therapy.
So, her Higher Consciousness and I went down to the Titanic, to its fateful resting place at the bottom of the ocean, and located the part of her soul that was missing. It was still living there as the person she was in that past life. She had been a third-class passenger and had been trapped in steerage when the Titanic split in two and sank. If you recall the James Cameron movie there is a scene where the third-class passengers are locked below deck with gates while the ship is sinking so they did not swamp the few lifeboats, so that the first-class passengers could have them. Being trapped like that would obviously been very traumatic, so it seems this was what caused her soul to fragment.
Her Higher Consciousness and I tried to convince her to come with us, but she said she “didn’t want to leave the others that were there with her” (a chilling thought that other souls were in the same predicament). We eventually convinced her to come and wrapped our ‘arms’ around her to bring her back to the surface and back to my therapy room where her Higher Consciousness reintegrated the fragment of her soul back into my client. Quite an extraordinary session and certainly a fascinating experience to witness.
When my client came out of the hypnosis and we discussed what had occurred she said that she had always loved watching the James Cameron ‘Titanic’ movie up until the point that the iceberg hit, at which time she would become physically sick.
I ran into this client a year or so later and she said she had never felt that chilling cold again since our QHHT session!
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A client writes to say Thank You …

I received this beautiful message from a client that I had facilitated a QHHT session for three months prior. They gave me permission to share it in the hope it may inspire others to have a session too:

“Hey Lynda,

I had a session with you in March – It’s taken me a while but I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

I am a completely different person, your work has changed my life – I feel like I’m floating everyday, I’m truly emotionally healed. It’s an incredible feeling and I wish everyone could see you!

The theme of my session was to let go of control, which I unconsciously do now, and then realise after the moment has passed, I surprise myself and just smile haha! It’s a really, really liberating feeling to just live and trust. And although you hear about ‘God’s plan’ for your life, it’s just an expression until you have a QHHT session, then it’s REAL! It’s the coolest thing in the world.

I had pain in my knee, and it’s gone completely. I also used to frequently get cold sores and I haven’t gotten one!

It’s even improved my relationship! My partner has also experienced a change for the better as a reflection of how different I am.

I also wanted to say that apart from the QHHT, your active listening and investment in my healing during our session was more than I’d received during psychologist appointments in the past. You summarised my entire life story in a few hours – you really understood me and I just felt heard. Your so, so great at what you do.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I’m forever grateful. x”

The ripple effects of a QHHT session on those around you is something rarely spoken about but can be profound, just by you living your best life through the guidance received from your Higher Self.

If this sounds like something that would enrich your life and you would like to book a QHHT session with me, please click on the button below.

Activating Ancient Gifts of Light Language – a QHHT Session Story

In a recent QHHT session, when my client came into a past life, she saw herself as a young woman sitting by a pool at the bottom of a waterfall, surrounded by cool lush vegetation.  She was wearing linen clothing with embroidery around the collar and down the front of her gown. Next to her was a basket of fruit which she had gathered for an offering.

In the distance was an Aztec style pyramid with stairs ascending the front with channels on either side of the stairs. The young woman carried the basket to the pyramid and when she reached it, she hugged the pyramid as it was ‘the mother’. The woman was a temple maiden who anchored light through light language and arm movements through her body and into the temple and earth.

My client’s Subconscious (SC or High Self) showed her this life as it was time to reactivate her gifts of light language, to anchor light energy at the nodes of the lay lines of Earth to assist in the ascension. My client was told by her SC that she needed to move to a specific place in the country where one of these nodes exists. She would know it was the right place because it would have a waterfall nearby, similar to the one she saw in her past life. She was to greet the morning sun and anchor the light using light language arm movements and sounds.

Throughout the session my client displayed intricate hand movements and clicking sounds which was the light language activating. It was beautiful to watch.

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A past life as Om energy – a QHHT Session Story

In a recent QHHT session my client was Om energy in her past life. She would work through a group of monks who were able to heal children with the energy emanating from their hands. When it was discovered by men in authority that the monks were healing this way, they were all killed. This happened on a couple of occasions when the Om would work through separate groups of monks. When the second group was killed the Om became very angry and my client had carried this anger through into this life. The anger was like a furnace in her solar plexus chakra and it was manifesting in her body as cysts on her organs. In the session the client’s SC (Subconscious or High Self) was able to help the client release this anger and quench the furnace. When the furnace was gone only bubbles of anger remained (the cysts). The SC was able to help her pop these bubbles and let the anger go. The SC then advised how the client can bring the Om energy through her life purpose in this life to again heal the children she works with.
If you would like to find out how gifts from your past lives can assist you in your life purpose too through a QHHT session, please click on the button below.

The Library of Akashic Records – a QHHT Session Story

In a recent QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session my client wanted to explore the afterlife, to see what happens between death and rebirth. A subject I am particularly fascinated with also. In it we visited The Library of Akashic Records.
My client was shown her most recent life, as a soldier in WW1 in the trenches in France, fighting the Germans. As was sadly inevitable in that form of brutal fighting my client was shot in the stomach when they “went over the top” to claim another trench.
I then guided my client through the death experience where they experienced everything slow down before they were suddenly standing next to the bed where their body was lying.
They were then in a Great Hall with enormous columns lining each side and so tall they could not see the ceiling. Three monks were there to greet them “we have been expecting you, we are so proud of what you have achieved and the lessons you learned”.  One of the monks took my client to a realm where they were to heal before planning their next life. They could create any place at all out of pure thought, my client chose a log cabin in a tropical forest.
When the healing was over, the monk returned and they traveled together to a great library where they planned my client’s current life at a table strewn with books … The Library of Akashic Records. There were other souls planning their lives there too with guidance from other monks, it was a happy experience.  From there I was able to ask about what my client had planned for this life, her life purpose, the karmic contracts she had with her soul group, and all of her questions were answered. It was an amazing experience.
If you would like to explore your past lives and obtain healing or guidance from your higher consciousness through a QHHT session please click the button below.

A Future Timeline – a QHHT Session Story

Time is not what we think it is. All time exists at once, although it doesn’t happen at once. The future is merely a range of infinite potential timelines depending on our actions and sometimes in a QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session it is more appropriate to access the future, rather than past lives, which is normally the most beneficial.
In a recent QHHT session I had a young client who undoubtedly had huge potential but was at a nexis point in his life. He had an idea of what he wanted to do but was being distracted by the temptations and people around him.
In the session we had the opportunity to access his optimal potential timeline fifteen years from now and he was able to see what his life was like, what job he was doing, what studies he had done to get there and at what Universities, where he had lived in those fifteen years, what his life partner looked like and where they had met, even how many children he would have.
He now has a road map to follow to achieve his Life Purpose and has laser like focus. He will go on to do great things for many people. He will be one of the heart based leaders and influencers we need.
If you would like to access your future timeline and gain healing or guidance from your higher consciousness through a QHHT session please click the button below.

A Phobia Explained and a Karmic Lesson – a QHHT Session Story

In a recent QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session my client was suffering pain in her right shoulder after a dislocation 20 years ago, and continues to have right wrist pain. She wanted to know the origin of the pain and receive healing.
Under hypnosis she traveled back to a past life in Northern Ireland in the 1800’s where she was a large man repairing a water wheel on a sawmill alone, when his right arm was caught in the moving wheel, dislocating his shoulder, injuring his wrist and dragging him under the wheel to drown. His life lesson was to “never work alone”, something she tells her current partner often, who has a similar large build and works dangerously repairing and building things, often alone. She later said that she has always had an irrational fear of water wheels on mills, now she knows why.
This session is even more fascinating as it shows evidence of what Dolores Cannon said about how we plan our roles before we reincarnate with our soul partners: “now this time, you be the husband and I’ll be the wife and lets see if we can get it right this time”. Could my client have said this to her current partner before this incarnation, after not learning the lesson as the husband in this previous life?
If you would like to explore your past lives and obtain healing or guidance from your higher consciousness through a QHHT session please click the button below.

Healing the Past – a QHHT Session Story

Being able to help people through deep centred issues they have carried throughout lifetimes through QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is an honour and a privilege. In a recent session my client experienced a past life where his beloved young family perished in a house fire while he was tending his fields. He blamed himself, as did others. In discussions with his SC or Higher Consciousness it was revealed this was the basis for the issues he had had throughout his current life and many lives in between.
Through an understanding that it was an accident, it was not his fault and his absence was due to him working hard to provide for his family, a very honorable intention, he was able to gain a new perspective, then release the guilt and move on.
Also, many of the family members from that past life are again reincarnated as his current family and friends. We have found through QHHT that we tend to reincarnate with our soul group again and again, working issues out, playing different roles to resolve past wrongs, it’s a fascinating process.
We carry many things through from past lives and it always amazes me how specific and relevant the past lives the client is shown in QHHT are to their current issues.
If you would like to explore your past lives and obtain healing or guidance from your higher consciousness through a QHHT session please click the button below.

Are past lives real?

Past lives and reincarnation have been proven by over two thousand five hundred scientifically investigated case studies by respected psychiatrists and researchers such as the late Dr Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine in the USA.

Dr Stevenson rigorously investigated spontaneous past life memories in young children throughout the world during a career spanning over forty years. He was also the founder and director of the University’s Division of Perceptual Studies which carries on his work.

Dr Stevenson correlated the details of the child’s reported past life identity and how the person died, analysed the autopsy reports of the deceased person to verify the way the child said they died, if possible, introduced the children to the past life families and their homes where the children would point out home alterations or where items were hidden from the past life.

Dr Stevenson’s work proved reincarnation and past lives.

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