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“Here’s what some of Lynda’s clients have to say …”

QHHT Client Testimonial

A recent client came with two pages of health issues including a non-functioning thyroid she was taking medication for, and back and leg pain that were preventing her living her best life. I received this email a few days later:


“It is now 5 days after my wonderful QHHT session with you. I know it is early days but I wanted to email you with this feedback. When I listened to the recording I remembered the past life conversations but a large part of the SC (SubConscious or Higher Self) responses were new to me! It did swear! I was amused to know that.

My left leg is sooo much better. I did a hill ride yesterday by accident – to explain, I was going to take it slowly but I ran into a group that I was thinking of joining at some point and I ended up riding some distance with them – I limited my ride as I didn’t want to re-injure myself. I was astonished that I felt no repercussions at all!

Today I did some weeding and my back and leg did not hurt at all. This is a first.

I have been noticing that my walk is different. Somewhat awkward but not painful. I have to conclude that I am now more in alignment and that I am getting used to it. At my next medical review I will ask for my height measurement as I really think I am a little taller. I felt like I was walking on stilts. I know that sounds weird but even a centimetre difference can be noticed I suppose.

I have been taking my thyroid medicine every 2nd day as ‘advised by my SC’. I feel great. Usually I struggle if I was to miss just one day of meds. I will be vigilant in monitoring and will be intuitively guided. I haven’t told anyone as the blood test will speak for itself – when I decide to have it.

Thanks a bunch for practicing QHHT. I have already referred someone to you.

Stay wonderful!”

QHHT Client Testimonial

A client came to see me because feelings of resentment and abandonment by her father after the divorce of her parents as a young child. The strong emotions resulting from her perceived rejection by him, were still crippling her life after many decades. Her SC helped her understand the contract between her and her father. It was a short one. Giving the little girl my client was in a past life, the brief experience of having him as her father in this life – to fulfill a wish she made in her previous life. I received this email a few days later:


“My session on Monday was truly transformative. Thank you so much. I called my dad the next day and couldn’t stop crying after I got off the phone because all I felt for him was pure joy and happiness. All my old feelings of rejection and hurt have vanished. I feel like I’m walking around now with the key to life and I have this invaluable secret that I just want to world to know about.

Thank you again, I still don’t have the words to express how grateful I am for the shift you’ve created in me.”

QHHT Client Testimonial

I received this beautiful message from a client that I had facilitated a QHHT session for three months prior. They gave me permission to share it in the hope it may inspire others to have a session too:

“Hey Lynda,

I had a session with you in March – It’s taken me a while but I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

I am a completely different person, your work has changed my life – I feel like I’m floating everyday, I’m truly emotionally healed. It’s an incredible feeling and I wish everyone could see you!

The theme of my session was to let go of control, which I unconsciously do now, and then realise after the moment has passed, I surprise myself and just smile haha! It’s a really, really liberating feeling to just live and trust. And although you hear about ‘God’s plan’ for your life, it’s just an expression until you have a QHHT session, then it’s REAL! It’s the coolest thing in the world.

I had pain in my knee, and it’s gone completely. I also used to frequently get cold sores and I haven’t gotten one!

It’s even improved my relationship! My partner has also experienced a change for the better as a reflection of how different I am.

I also wanted to say that apart from the QHHT, your active listening and investment in my healing during our session was more than I’d received during psychologist appointments in the past. You summarised my entire life story in a few hours – you really understood me and I just felt heard. Your so, so great at what you do.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I’m forever grateful. x”

The ripple effects of a QHHT session on those around you is something rarely spoken about but can be profound, just by you living your best life through the guidance received from your Higher Self.

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